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Welcome to For Sale By Owner Baton Rouge! Our primary goal is to provide a high traffic forum where home buyers and sellers can save each other money by avoiding real estate commissions and fees. Selling a property with our website gives you the opportunity to avoid thousands of dollars in commissions, and we can provide everything you need to make it happen! FSBOBR, locally owned and operated since 2002, has now expanded it's services statewide through partner network FSBOLOUISIANA.com. We now aim to become the most popular real estate website in all of Louisiana. Give us a call at 225-272-2949 if you have questions about the website, FSBO process, or how to get started; we are always glad to help!

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Hey Guys, Just closed on our house. We were on the market 8 days with you before we received our first (of three) full-price offers. Wanted to say thank you for all that you do. We will definitely recommend your site and service to others. Many thanks! Chris McConnell
Thanks FSBOBR for helping me sell my house! I was very lucky to have a competitive offer within a week of putting my house on the market and feel that the exposure I received through FSBOBR.com was a great advantage. I was able to save about $5,000 by not having a seller's agent!!! I was so impressed by the amount of support I received, both from FSBOBR as well as the associated partner companies. Key Lending Solutions and Choice Title all provided timely and invaluable feedback, making me an informed seller every step of the way. They talked me through many forms and legal jargon, right up to the day I closed. I highly recommend FSBOBR! Lauren Hoffman
If you are looking for a quick and inexpensive alternative to sell your home without using a Realtor, FSBOBR.com is the way to go. The guys at FSBOBR were complete professionals from start to finish. The website was super easy to navigate when setting up the details of my home. I could log in and make changes even after the initial setup. A representative was at our home within 3 days of calling to take pictures and give selling tips. Our home sold in only 15 days of being on the website. FSBOBR.com saved us thousands in realtor fees. I would recommend this selling tool to everyone as an alternative to a Realtor. Thanks FSBOBR Hilary Naquin
Yes we think that FSBOBR definitely helped us sell our home. The buyer found our home on your website. The process was extremley easy and your Choice Title Partners were fantastic to deal with. The whole process was seamless. Our home went under contract in 8 days and closed in about 30. It was great. Keep up the great work! Ruben Rodarte
I can say that your site was very helpful. We actually sold our house in 5 hours. We had plenty of other calls inquiring about it from your site and they couldn't wait to know if the original offer would fall through. I would use your website again in a heartbeat because it was much cheaper than a realtor, was a lot less hassle (don't have to worry about realtors with dual interest dramatizing everything), and all the necessary documentation was provided. Thanks for the help and I look forward to using your services again in the future. Devin Wyatt
The majority of my inquiries were from the website. I have all positive things to say about FSBOBR. I plan to use it again this year to sell my own home. Darren Hollingsworth
Great web site! I would buy it if it was for sale. A friend bought home but I had a lot of calls on home from site. Mike Chustz
Absolutely with out a doubt the website sold our home. We had a great experience using the site. Kevin Kron
Thank you. I think that the website was very helpful in the sale of my house and think that it was very user friendly. My experience was awesome and will definitely recommend your company to anyone selling their home. Thanks again Landon Smith
We actually had a PA in 2 1/2 weeks. Second home sold through FSOBR and same great results! Scott Stewart
Wanted to let you know, I had 5 showings and 3 reasonable offers in hand within the first week of the professional pics being posted. I know I have a valuable property, but I was impressed with the traffic your site generated. David Dyason
Thank you! We sold to an individual. No agents involved! The site was extremely user friendly and your advice was much appreciated. Our first time selling by owner was a success and we would definitely tell others to try it out before contacting agents! Thanks again for your help. Lizzy Bossier
We just wanted to say we had a great experience with FSBOBR! Everyone was most informative and helpful. The property sold within 48 hours after the buyer saw it on your website. Joan & Harry Doucet
After advertising my house on FSBOBR, I had a signed Purchase Agreement within 7 days. The signage was great along with the pictures online, and the staff at FSBOBR were extremely helpful during the process. Everything went very smoothly and it was a "win-win" for all involved. Jenny Borders

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