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Photography Appointments cost $125

Fill out the form below to request a Photo Shoot Appointment for a FSBOBR photographer to come out and take digital pics of your property. We use high end Nikon digital camera equipment that takes far better pictures than most cameras, and we have super wide angle lenses to capture as much of a room as possible. Our photographers are very experienced in getting just the right angles to make your property show as attractively as possible. Check out the albums of our work below to see for yourself. Photo Shoot Appointments cost $125 in addition to the online advertisement fee. Your ad will be posted to the website on the business day following the appointment.

Schedule an appointment with us and we can maximize your property's appeal. Better pictures will get you better traffic. The overwhelming majority of the pictures that people submit on their own are not great photos. We will take great photos to make your property look to the best of it's potential. We can also use the best possible combination of pictures that we take, and pictures that you already have.

Check out the following albums of our photography work:
        FSBOBR Portfolio                    Before and After Shots
-Contains a collection of some         -Contains 'Before' shots that
of our favorite photo shoots.           were taken by customers, and
                                                           'After' shots taken by FSBOBR
                                                           staff photographers.

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